fuck you pinterest i dont want your goddamn app

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Fuck off I dont want to download your app : mildlyinfuriating

-11000/10 - what the fuck is this. do i even need words. fuck you. this isnt even a circle its 3d. thats a button. its also the fucking shiniest goddamn button ive ever seen. fuck you. fuck this. Messenger: 0/10 - did you even fucking try. Mozilla: 10/10 - oh my god. thank you. fucking thank you so much. thats a fucking red circle!!! thats what

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fuck you pinterest i dont want your goddamn app

Don’t really have anyone to talk to about this. I have a girlfriend but don’t really like talking about this with her and I have a best friend but kinda stopped talking to …

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fuck you pinterest i dont want your goddamn app

Fuck off is the phrase that is used to show utmost neglect. When we do not give a damn to others peoples views or actions we say fuck off. An unknown quotes says, “you can fuck off if you don’t like me remember its mind over matter I don’t mind and you don’t matter”. It is a mater of extreme frustration and total neglect on someone.

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fuck you pinterest i dont want your goddamn app

- STOP PUTTING YOUR THINSPO IN THE RECOVERY TAG YOU DUMB ASS BITCH. - lastly laxatives dont make you lose weight they just fuck up your stomach and get rid of water. ( im 1 month clean fron laxatives ) Im currently looking through my blog and deleting any toxic post that cross the line because I understand now that they are just romantizing eds.

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If You Absolutely, 100% Never Want Kids, These 19 Posts Are For You I Dont Want Kids Not Having Kids Life Advice Good Advice Quotes For Kids Quotes To Live By Life Happens Childfree Girls Be Like "Legend has it, if you say I dont want children three times in a mirror, an old person will appear and tell you how you secretly do."

I dont go outside
fuck you pinterest i dont want your goddamn app

Yall i saw a funny thing with Gerard and Mikey Way from like ages ago and decided to remake it with Roman and Remus because like,,,,,this is the type of sibling relationship you want. @demented-dukey imma tag you cause you seem like you would like this lol. alex draws stupid stuff creativitwins thomas sanders sanders sides roman sanders remus

When you dont want to dance but your friend hypes you up
fuck you pinterest i dont want your goddamn app

Dont ever send messages like this to me back to back. Your number will get deleted along with our relationship Messages from bae . This is in fact a goddamn lie. clingy type of thing. Fashion, wallpapers, quotes, celebrities and so much XOXO..! aww I want this text one day Pinterest : …

fuck you pinterest i dont want your goddamn app

i hope all of you weirdo pro-ddlg bloggers realize that i’m an ex-little and it fucked me up beyond belief because my “d*ddy” used it to abuse me and fucking manipulate me into being essentially sexually available 24/7! i had to be ready on skype to do web cam bullshit every night! they were 3 years older and i was 14-15 at the time and had already suffered from csa previously. lol. you

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So long as you are my wife, you shall not want for food or warm pelts.” But the woman turned him down. “You are indeed skilled, but there is pride in your heart. That you thought first of me as a possession is telling, and you would not make a good husband.” The third brother presented a knife. “I made this for you.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. “Leave the goddamn stealing to the experts. fuck.” “Look, if you dont want to hang out with me that’s fine but you need to call your family.”

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