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A Pennsylvania man raped his sister, and their mother told her not to go to police. Edward Geier was convicted last week of 1,074 counts of rape and molestation for abusing his sister and step

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A brother and a sister, Harpreet and Simran. One day they were playing in the park, and the sister looked at Harpreet who was jumping up and down and having a fun time, but it didn’t last long because in a few minutes Harpreet got a bit bored. He turned to his sister and said “Oh Simran, I’m bored!”

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Revenge on my sister (Adult short story) by Emily Sheer. Rated: XGC My sister had just turned 19 and convinced my parents to let her have her boyfriend and best friend over for the weekend while they stayed in a hotel. Polly and Kale were in the bathroom half naked and Kyra was on the living room couch in nothing but her pajama shorts

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the dangerous truth behind the ‘safe’ family facade. ‘I think it started when I was seven or eight, and it kept going until I was 17 or so. So it was always there. My father would get me on his knee and start feeling my breasts. Then it was when I was going to bed. He would come and fondle me

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