we just want to smoke and fuck thats all we do

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Drake ā€“ The Language Lyrics | Genius Lyrics we just want to smoke and fuck thats all we do

Then pass it to the homies til we all get done Niggas cant comprehend what this shit bout Police coming, you like, put this shit out You like smoke and you got me high (You make a nigga want to get down) High (High feeling like Im up in a cloud) Girl what the fuck you done to me You got me feeling like you just rolled up for me Youre like smoke


Lyrics to "Know Somethin" song by Lil Bibby: If you want smoke let me know some, we attend to that Pull up right there where you post up, we remember that Started from the bottom, Iā€™d do it all over Nigga I be fresh as fuck, Louie all over All white Ones nigga I dont like loafers

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Lyrics to "Wrong Wit Me (Remix) and were midnight tokers and we wanna grab your Georgian peaches and shake your trees and thats just what we do. Thats MOTHERFUCKING RIGHT! I dont give a fuck I cant sing, listen to this: (I Can-) But Ima picker though right and how fresh is that how did he no back in the day that pickin your nose is fresh

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All we wanna do is drink, smoke an fuck All we wanna do is drink, smoke an fuck Heres to good friends, tonight is kinda special The beer we brought, must be somethin wrong somehow Mothafuck the low an brow Or the Rolling Rock, nigga, coz Im sippin Cristal Don P., Folski, [Incomprehensible], Juliet, ice cold P Peter Pipers, nigga, take a sip

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We want to fuck you eazy! I want to fuck you too Cause you see, I dont really take no shit Cause Im the type of nigga thats built to last If you fuck wit me, Ill put my foot in your ass I dont give a fuck, cause I keep bailin Yo, what the fuck are they yellin? Gangsta, gangsta! thats what theyre yellin

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Misc Television - Trailer Park Boys - All We Wanna Do Is

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On June 27, 2017, HotNewHipHop interviewed Grand Hustle artists, where they discussed their compilation project and how they all met T.I. On June 28, 2017, a song titled "Game 7" was released as the first single from Grand Hustles compilation album We Want Smoke. The song features verses from T.I., RaRa and Rossi.

The Language - Drake - YouTube we just want to smoke and fuck thats all we do

She just want to smoke and fuck I said "Girl, thats all that we do" Im about to roll one and light it and fuck it man, no ones invited I got to kill off the weak shit thats got all you niggas excited. I cant even listen, you whylin, Id much rather sit here in silence I send all my money to banks in the islands and eat with Italians, I do

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Poems About Weed. Discussion in Stonable Quotables started by choadking, Sep 18, 2008. We just wanna be free, And all i want to do is smoke this tree, without the government trying to fuck me. if u dont smoke it ur a hag but thats ur choice and its ur loss i smoke pot at all costs

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Barter 6 Album Lyrics by Young Thug. Young Thug Lyrics Barter 6 Lyrics Bentley with the doors all round, not a Jeep Rich nigga shit, smoke two pounds in a week We dont care about no team we just want that cash in So we stole the truck and smashed it, tragic when Im

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