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Unsplash. 1. When you visit, his room is a mess, except for the bed. The bed is completely clean. 2. He can’t go an entire conversation without glancing down at your cleavage. 3. Whenever you post a half-naked picture on social media, he’s the first one to comment on it.

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You naughty girl,” he panted. “I can’t stop staring at your ass when you wear them. It’s bad for my sales. You’re so fucking hot, they gotta move you to a different store so I can focus.” I couldn’t wait any longer. I knew this was technically frowned upon in the workplace, fucking your hot coworker, but I …

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And don’t you want 2017 to be just a little easier than 2016? I know I do. Con: Social Norms/Work Conduct. So I’m guessing your job has a contract or some form of HR or maybe you live in a place where sleeping with your co-worker is not an okay thing to do. Chances are you could get fired if your boss knew you were fucking your manager.

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Happily married but I still want my coworker!!! Since your coworker is so appealing to you and your husband is not perhaps your marriage has become dull and needs some spicing up. You made that choice! Marriage is a commitment and if you dont want to be faithful get a divorce. Answer #7.

Should I stop sexually fantasizing about my coworker

6 signs you should definitely go for it with your coworker You want to make sure if you do go ahead and act on your feelings that you won’t be making a mistake and potentially put your job

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