why the fuck doesnt my mind want to take information in?

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In my mind, it was going to turn things around in my life. but as I go through my own journey as a parent and see how much I want to praise and adore my own children it is hard not to feel
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Worried that your husband doesn’t want sex? Every Wednesday on this blog we talk marriage, and today I thought I’d tackle a topic that is often not discussed very much: What do you do when it’s the GUY who doesn’t want to make love? When I wrote The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex, I
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Twenty20, Mate. I don’t want someone who vaguely asks me to hang out without defining what the hell that means. I want someone who bluntly tells me they want to take me out on a romantic date where we’ll talk about our feelings and then feel each other up.
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I don’t want them thinking that they should receive accolades for taking out the garbage or hanging their jacket. I want them to take personal pride in being a real partner. Working their fair share and, in turn, gleaning their fair share of pride and enjoyment. It diminishes our partnership. My husband is my partner. He is my
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Why Are My Feelings Being Completely Ignored? but I personally think it should be called “Why the fuck are you advancing a conversation in your head about me based off your own assumptions, misguided facts, and not asking me anything along the way to set the record straight” but that’s just me. why? because his mind is now racing
Now, she just blows my mind. She’s caring & very polite, but she also has the shiniest spine & a very reasonable ‘take no shit’ policy. With friends, family, peer or adult, doesn’t matter. I’ve watched her shut down my Nmom in brilliant fashion, reducing a talented narc to …
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I really want to know why does my vag smell like fish. Answer #1. Keep in mind, though that the doctor might give you antibiotics to take which might solve your problem for the short term, but if you use them too much it makes your body less able to fight off infections on its own. Why does my vagina smell like my boyfriend even though
People I Want to Punch in the Throat: Why My Children Have
You are the kind of parent I hope to be one day. I dont want my kids to like me, I want them to love me and fear me and respect me and trust me. I want to trust them to not do stupid shit but Im also not going to hang my hat on hopes and dreams when I know all the crazy stuff I did when I was young and the horrible things that happen now.

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