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I don’t want to be saved, I just want to wrap up this life, like packing at the end of a long vacation, you have your last few activities on the trip you want do, last few sights you want to see, yet you still have to pack up your stuff so you’re ready to go at the prescribed date.

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Five years later, and we still use the term hug bombs every night and before leaving for work. In our family, “hug bomb” means the giving of an intense love and appreciation. May you always surround yourself with people worthy of intense love and appreciation, or as we say in our house: Hug Bombs.

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Goose is so happy to see his favorite human. Adorable. Imgur. download

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AI equal with human experts in medical diagnosis based on images, suggests new study, which found deep learning systems correctly detected disease state 87% of the time, compared with 86% for healthcare professionals, and correctly gave all-clear 93% …

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12 days ago · #6 Reminds me that we need an established greeting somewhere between a handshake and a hug for when you meet people from the internet. Handshake feels too formal for greeting someone you’ve spent months joking about, I dunno, Funko Pop fanfiction or whatever with. But I also don’t want to hug

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